These awards were announced on April 1st, 2020 during a Facebook Live event.

Atom Team 1  – Coaches: Danielle Fong
1. Most Dedicated Player: Dylan Porter
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Jailyn Little
3. Most Improved Player: Cian Flint

Atom Team 2  – Coaches: Mike Foster
1. Most Dedicated Player: Danika Foster
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Kaz Westcott
3. Most Improved Player: Alex McVie

Atom Development – Coaches: Josh Fowler, Kirk Fong, Joel Salmon, Darren Dorn
1. Most Dedicated Player: Coaches do not want to provide a winner
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Kolten Brown
3. Most Improved Player: Daxten Swanson

Peewee Team 1 – Coaches: Ryan Sexton, Jasmine Meikle
1. Most Dedicated Player: Jamie Baines
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Aiden Wilson
3. Most Improved Player: Coen Erickson

Peewee Team 2 – Coaches: Jeremy Russell, Kerri Poirier
1. Most Dedicated Player: Alex Fred
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Conner Russell
3. Most Improved Player: Vihann Meyer

Peewee Bulldogs – Coaches: Jamie Ralston, Lucas Banton, Jason Kevis
1. Most Dedicated Player: Peyton Lucas
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Jaxson Brown
3. Most Improved Player: Kaysen Brossoit

Bantam Team 1 – Coaches: Kyle Penner, Larry Hodgson, Aaron Heenan
1. Most Dedicated Player: Spencer Meikle
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Jimmy Cook
3. Most Improved Player: Jacob Dobosz

Bantam Bulldogs – Coaches: Kelly Fines, Brock Elder
1. Most Dedicated Player: Hunter Alarie
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Declan Fines
3. Most Improved Player: Alex Siermacheski

Midget Team 1 – Coaches: Stephen Tramer, Ryan Dwolinsky, Bob King, Curtis Buxton
1. Most Dedicated Player: Angelo Sarlandie
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Ryann Tramer
3. Most Improved Player: Brad Kozocari

Midget Bulldogs – Coaches: Wade Nicklin, Kelly Clydesdale, Blake Frechette, Carson McCulloch
1. Most Dedicated Player: Noah Braiden
2. Most Sportsmanlike Player: Colton Scott
3. Most Improved Player: Aaron Torfs

Jessica States Memorial Award:  (Female Peewee Player)
1. Brielle Banton

Referee Awards: RIC Francois Warren
1. Rookie Ref of the year: Keelam Parmar
2. Top Ref of the year: Ryan Turgeon

Coach of the Year: 
1. Josh Fowler

Volunteer of the Year (The Marilyn Gibson Award) :
1. Kellie Steel

Above and Beyond: 
1. Sarah Bielert

Graduating players of 2020

1. TANNER CLYDESDALE   Sponsor: Tyler’s No Frills
2. NIKOLAS DWOLINKSY   Sponsor: Tyler’s No Frills
4. ABBY NELSON         Sponsor: Sproat Lake Piledriving
5. DAVID PORTER        Sponsor: AVMHA
6. SETH PRICE          Sponsor: Clydesdale Automotive
7. ANGELO SARLANDIE    Sponsor: Acoustic Woods Ltd.
8. CARSON STEEL        Sponsor: Tyler’s No Frills
9. JORDAN VILLAFANE    Sponsor: Staples
10. KOLLIN WALKER      Sponsor: I.O.C.C.
11. ARRIANNA WARD      Sponsor: Quality Foods