Registrations for the 2024-25 season are now open!

If you are interested in registering, please follow this link:

If you have any problems registering, please email and describe the issue.  We look forward to you joining AVMHA this season! 


 Instructions to register for AVMHA


Go to   and under the REGISTER NOW! Select, View Online Stores.   Select either AVMHA Recreation or Rep teams.  Click the “Register Now” button right above the registration category options.


This will open the Hockey Canada Registry.  For this new HCR you need to create a new account.  Choose the “Don’t have an account? Sign Up” This is your sign in information only, think of it like a basket that “holds” all the members in your family. For this reason, the account should be under the parent/guardian name.  You will link ALL the members of your household under this ONE sign in.


  1. Choose the “My Members – Link a member option” and import all the Hockey Canada profiles. (see below for new participants”
  2. Review and agree to the Hockey Canada Terms and Conditions.
  1. Choose the “REGISTER” button under AVMHA
    1. REGISTER NOW! View Online Stores
    2. Choose AVMHA recreation teams or AVMHA rep teams
    3. Choose “Register Now”
    4. Register existing participant (See notes below regarding duplicate records)
    5. Choose the Participant from your account
    6. Choose Next
    7. REVIEW and click “Yes” to all the Questionnaires
    8. REVIEW and accept the waivers – REVIEW player code of conduct with your player. They must be aware of expectations.
    9. Register another participant OR Next
    10. If there is a credit on the account, make sure you choose “Activate Credit”
    11. Choose pay in full or pay in installments
    12. Agree to payment terms and conditions – choose next.
    13. Complete payment and submit!
    14. You will receive an invoice indicating that you are complete.


NOTE: We will receive your registration as PENDING.   Your player will NOT be active until payment has been received or formal payment arrangements have been made.  Remember, there are a number of excellent grant programs to assist! We encourage application to any of them.  Please send a print screen confirmation of your application to (Athletics for kids) (Hockey Canada Assist Fund – Open August 1, 2021)


  • New Participant: This is someone who has never participated in organized hockey as a player, coach, and/or volunteer. This member would not already exist in the Hockey Canada Registry. If your child has played anywhere in Hockey Canada or registered for ANY courses in the past, DO NOT create a new profile. This will result in a duplicate player profile and will render your child ineligible during the season. If you can’t find your child, please email with your child’s name, birthday and parent information. We will send you the appropriate information