Thank you to those of you who have sent e transfers or attended the open house to make payments on your players accounts.  I know many others have been waiting to be able to go online to pay by credit card and I am so sorry to tell you that Hockey Canada and Spordle (the programmers) have not yet fixed this “glitch”. So in the meantime, to find out how much you owe, please go to Spordle and create an account.  Import your players following the steps, and go to registrations.  You will find the amount owing here.  Please send an Etransfer to to make payments.  We will be holding another open house at the first ice sessions to accept payments via Visa and Debit.


Any questions regarding registrations should be directed to You will get an auto response that has the fees listed as well.


We have spent hours on phone calls with Hockey Canada and the programmers of the registration (HCR) system and our association is not the only one effected by the many glitches in this program.


“We know many of you have signed up by the google doc and that information has been transported over to the new program. We have said in the past that payment must be received before the first ice time, we know that may not be the case this year. We will accept payment at the first ice time.”