In collaboration with the Facility Manager, the following plan has been developed to meet the requirements of the newest PHO order[1], which requires that all spectators 12+, team officials and game officials provide Vaccine Passport and ID.




  • Vaccine checking will consist of the Vaccine Passport and Identification, with BC Vaccine Screener App [2].
  • There will be one point of entry to the facility which is through the front door.
  • All spectators[3] 12 years+, game officials and team officials[4] must be prepared to show their Vaccine Passport to enter the building.
  • A table will be placed in front of the reception desk immediately inside the front door.
  • Each user group will provide a volunteer for the duration of their event. For example, if AVMHA is using both sheets of ice, each team will provide one volunteer to the table 30 minutes prior to the event starting. Alternatively, if for example AVMHA is using the Coulson arena Parks and Rec is using Weyerhauser, a volunteer from each will be present at the table.
  • The volunteer does NOT have to be a team official.
  • Regional teams like female impact teams, will provide a checker from the “Home” team.
  • Any person entering the facility will be asked what event they were arriving for, those who don’t identify a user group can have vaccine checked by either group. Those refusing will be reported to facility staff and will be asked to leave.
  • Parents and spectators should not enter the building more than 30 minutes before the event to allow the checker to get setup.


This plan is subject to change.


[2] chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/viewer.html?

[3] All spectators should be prepared to show Vaccine Passports and ID every time, especially if the door checker is not familiar with them. However, teams may keep a list of parents who consent to their names being kept by the team, when they have already provided vaccine passports.

[4] AVMHA rostered team officials have already provided proof of vaccine. They do not need to provide vaccine passports and ID IF the checker is certain of their identity. They should be prepared to provide Vaccine Passport and ID whenever it is requested.