It’s hard to believe that we are primed and ready to enter February and the “slowing down” of this hockey season. As we get close to the end, we will be asking for your nominations for our year end rewards. We have several awards to offer up this year, with the newly created “Manager of the Year”.


Before we move ahead though, I wanted to talk about last year’s winners. Each and every one of these recipients recognize that they are part of a team who ensure that hockey happens in the valley – and the nominations that came forward speak to that very thing.

These were the winners and recipients of the 2021/2022 AVMHA yearend awards:

Coach of the Year: Stephen Tramer

Steve has coached on and off for several years in AVMHA and we were grateful to have him for the U18 Recreation Team. Here’s what some of his nominations stated:

“Steve was tough but fair. He balanced an oversized team (U18) consisting of previous rep players, experienced and non-experienced players and developed them all. He taught us technical skills and held us all accountable. He never took any bull and he never let any player intentionally jeopardize the game.”

Volunteer of the Year: Ryan Rogers

Ryan Rogers is a staple around the multiplex and a go-to for extra coaching support. He has stepped into many coaching roles and makes an instant connection with both the adults he’s coaching with and the kids he’s coaching. Speaking from someone who keeps Ryan on speed dial, I am honored to share some of his nominations:

“Ryan continually stepped up throughout the year and volunteered in several capacities. When teams were without a coach, he would step into the role. He assisted with the intro to hockey, First Shift, and many others. He makes it fun for the kids and his fellow team leadership. Without volunteers like Ryan, many kids wouldn’t have the opportunity to play.


VIAHA Volunteer of the Year: Sarah Bielert

Sarah is synonymous with AVMHA. From supporting at the Executive Committee level, to lending an ear and an objective perspective to managers and coaches, Sarah is 100% deserving of the award for VIAHA volunteer of the year. Here’s what some folks had to say.

“Sarah received multiple nominations for this award. They have volunteered with their MHA for over 10 years, and continue to serve as a safety for a U11 Team and manager for a U15 team. This person holds several positions on their executive – registrar, gaming coordinator, ice allocator and more! Sarah has assisted Mid-Island commissioner in their role this year and she has been described as ‘the most organized person on the planet!’”


Our association depends on the hours and hours and hours of time given by volunteers – coaches to on ice staff, managers and safeties, the Executive Board (people who I am privileged and honored to serve alongside), parents, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and MANY more. Many of you take time to reach out and thank those who give of their time so freely, and believe me, those words are appreciated.

This year, when asked to nominate for the Coach of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Manager of the Year, and Above and Beyond awards, take some time to tell why you are nominating them! We love to share feedback.

Enjoy the rest of your season.

In sportsmanship,

Samantha, President