Hello everyone

As you may have heard, we have been advised by the PHO and VIAHA to move back into Phase 2 activities for the next while.  These phase 2 activities are on our website, on the Return to Hockey Safety Plan, on the viaSport Website and the Government of BC Website, and as here Return to Phase 2.  Please review the following points with your team, players and parents.

  • Physical distancing must be maintained at all time before, during and after practices. – this includes outside the building prior to entry or waiting or pickup after.
  • Mask must be worn in the facility at all times – players may remove their masks ONLY immediately prior to entering the field of play.
  • Coaches and players to focus on non-contact drills (note that contact means only

Coaches and on-ice staff, here is a link that outlines some practice plans that allow for physical distancing for your interest.

Phase 2 – December 9

Reminder that adherence to the PHO orders are mandatory.

Be safe everyone.